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Welcome To Dreams For Humanities - Technology that moves you forward

Dreams for Humanities is one of the technological units of Dreamslab, dedicated to graphics and virtual reality applied to Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

3D Graphic

We mainly work with models created using laser scanning, photogrammetry, and other digital acquisition technique, we use also the most cutting-edge tools for 3D modeling

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We carry out studies of interface and interaction in order to make virtual enviroments even more intuitive and immersive. We work mainly with the Natural User Interface.

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Virtual Reality

Dreamslab offers to our researchers and students most of the cutting edge technologies in terms of 3D visualization, motion tracking and interactive environments.

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Web Applications

We develop cutting-edge applications, our work is primarily focused on new methods of use and fruition, we are also active on the Application front, mainly by integrating them with the Virtual reality and Augmented reality.

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High fidelity reconstructions

The interaction between technology and cultural heritage is a research area where DreamsLab is very active. Different collaborations with national museums and scientific groups allowed us to develop competences in dealing with different types of data, like pictures, statues, archaeological remains and sites. We have been involved in the virtual reconstruction and visualization of an ancient greek agora, now available for a virtual visit in our CAVE, where the researcher can test his/her hypothesis and explore the place in its real dimensions. The group works on developing software and applications for a better fruition of the data, mostly oriented to the researcher that may have the opportunity of seeing them from another perspective. The visualization is often linked to complex and heterogeneous databases, accessible from different platforms, but always designed as helpful and efficient tools.

  • Accurate 3D reconstructions
  • Virtual Dynamic Enviroments
  • Reconstructions, demonstrations and interactive learning places
  • Portable and Multiplatform Applications

Hardware Solutions

Recent projects

Browse our recent projects and you will see how we work and what are the technologies we use to build our Virtual Reality applications.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, web based integration, apps and more!

Agora of Segesta Archaeology
Orlando Furioso Cultural Heritage
San Matteo Museum Cultural Heritage
Hagia Triada Archaeology
Festival of Mind Divulgation

Technical Solutions