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Haghia Triada Virtual Heritage

Haghia Triada Virtual Reconstruction

The creation of 3D interactive applications on Haghia Triada, including the external environment, the sealings and the rooms where they were found, has required several steps. First we made a series of scans with our NextEngine 3d scanner of the sealings that are kept in the two Italian museums. After the 3D acquisition we moved on to the phase of color acquisition, snapping a lot of photos of the artifacts at every angle.

In our DREAMS laboratory, we proceeded to the 3D modeling; the alignment of the scans was performed with ScanStudio, while the modeling and the color projection were done with MeshLab, obtaining 3D models with high-resolution geometry and high quality texture.

In addition to the structure, we reconstructed the objects found inside the rooms, including common objects; each object location is based on archaeological materials. Some items, such as clay tablets, were created using photos of real objects, to increase the accuracy of reconstruction. To enrich the understanding of the context, we have recreated the landscape surrounding the outside of the building.